Assisting which answer is an allergic reaction out of sixteen

Assisting which answer is an allergic reaction out of sixteen

Even when speaking at the a normal frequency, brand new default acquire options on the Bumblebee II produced a while away from overloading and you can called for particular variations from the box. We soon pointed out that the fresh new overloading is going on regarding the efficiency phase, making the real submitted audio unchanged, and i was able to simply change new productivity down to relieve the situation. One gripe I’d with the microphone’s Added band is you to definitely it will not give one visual opinions for regularity otherwise acquire account; it really transform color based on the functioning form. It made achieving exact alterations much harder and i was date me Dating pressed so you’re able to believe in my own ears and top indications inside the my personal DAW so you can dial regarding the better sound.

New Bumblebee II’s voice

The greater-than-average product enables an even more noticable smoothing of one’s reasonable-regularity distance impression, and then make space to your microphone to produce a very enjoyable and you may practical vocal sound that is less prone to modifying although pages shift positions. 0 mV/Pa in the step one kHz, signal-to-noises proportion out-of 80 dB-An excellent, and an active range of 114 dB.

I earliest looked at it back at my sound and discovered it grabbed an immediately noticeable desire and you may closeness that lacked some of the new weak highs you to definitely frequently plague budget condenser microphones. Predicated on its formal frequency response contour, new Bumblebee II has actually popular sensitivity in the 30-40 Hz range you to adds clear fullness to help you the voice when as compared to good mic for instance the Blue Yeti, hence tapers away from gradually below two hundred Hz. The brand new Bumblebee II comes with the a heavily scooped midrange than the fresh Blue Yeti (and/or Bluish Yeti X), that helps they top around a lot of the prominent boxiness that singing tracks is actually vulnerable.

One of the shortcomings of one’s Bumblebee II versus an excellent direct rival including the Bluish Yeti, however, are their unmarried pickup trend. While the Yeti’s four switchable pickup models, together with figure-of-seven and you can omnidirectional, succeed users to capture a wide palette regarding sound differences, the new Bumblebee II was locked to a good unidirectional cardioid polar development. This will make it shorter utilized for tape supply apart from good solitary artist and you will a little limitations its imaginative freedom just like the a recording product. However, once the a prospective recent addition on the better podcast microphones, additionally the ideal mics having online streaming, it can do just fine.

As well, the new Bumblebee II’s offered downs, formed midrange, and lightly sculpted highs would be to let it prosper commercially at the recording almost every other audio tool, so i adopted right up my singing attempt having acoustic guitar and you may keyboards recordings to see the way it might fare inside the a good songs production means. Every one of these instruments submitted perfectly through the mic, and this seized an abundance out of full, detailed reasonable-end information. Yet not, when i unearthed that the fresh new Bumblebee II coated a highly reasonable and you can well-balanced image of brand new electric guitar, the fresh new guitar recording lacked a few of the punch and you can exposure I love and called for EQ getting great-tuning.

The new Nice Bumblebee II claims to offer a natural voice which have complete lower-regularity effect and i is thrilled to find they certainly delivers thereon pledge

It ought to be listed you to, particularly possibly the best condenser microphones, brand new Bumblebee II are likely to picking right up a reasonable amount out of ambient area sounds that voice annoying at the best and you will unpleasant at worst. To me, yet not, the fresh new Bumblebee II suffered quicker using this phenomenon compared to Bluish Yeti and i are convinced that for the reason that brand new Bumblebee II’s carefully customized response one to maneuvers to universal problem-causing wavelengths about midrange and you can highs. However, if employed in a somewhat echoey space, a smaller-delicate dynamic USB microphone such as the Samson Q9U can be a better choice for trapping a more concentrated and you may sterile singing tone.

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